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Public Safety


Proctor Police Department
(218) 624-7788
100 Pionk Dr # 101, Proctor, MN 55810

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Permit to Acquire Firearms

Applications are available online for City of Proctor residents only at the following link:  Applicants may submit a completed form with handwritten signature either by email to:, by mail, or in person to: Proctor Police Department, 100 Pionk Drive, Proctor, MN 55810.   Applications are also available in the Police Department lobby.  Once a permit is issued, it will be available for pick up in the Police Department lobby upon presentation of a valid I.D.
NOTE:  Applicants will need to show a photo ID either when submitting the application or when picking it up.
Permits to Acquire Firearms will be issued ONLY to Residents living within Proctor City Limits.  
Call the Proctor Police Department at 624-7788 if you have any questions.

71.08  Winter Parking Regulations.
Between the period of the fifteenth day of November and the first day of April in each year, no person shall park or permit the same, any motor vehicle upon any street or alley within the City between the hours of 2:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. If the Chief of Police, in his or her discretion, or any Police Officer acting under the authority of the Chief of Police, determines that any vehicle parked contrary to the provisions of this section is thereby hindering the removal of snow, the Chief of Police or Police Officer acting under the authority of the Chief of Police may direct to have such vehicle removed from the street or alley by removal. The owner of the vehicle shall be responsible for any costs accrued as a result of said removal in addition to any fines imposed as result of a violation of this section.


Residents and visitors to the Proctor area are protected by the City’s Police Department 24 hours a day/365 days a year.

The Proctor Police Department proudly serves a community with over 3000 residents just south west of Duluth. Presently our agency consists of 7 full-time officers and two civilian clerical workers. As our community continues to expand, we continue to update our department with personnel and resources as needed to ensure the same high commitment to public safety.

Non Emergencies:  (218) 624-7788
Emergencies:  911

Chief: Kent Gaidis
Serving Proctor Since: 1996

Sergeant: Matthew Riebel
Serving Since: 2018

Officer: Daniel Mosher
Serving Since: 2001

Officer: Michael Bradley
Serving Since: 2021

Officer:  Jeremy Lemasters
Serving since:  2022

Officer:  Jonathan Search
Serving since:  2022


Jessica Buhs, Police Records


The Proctor Fire Department is composed of individual volunteers who give generously of their time and commitment to keeping our community safe. Our fire fighters undergo many hours of training and practice in order to serve the community to the best of their ability.

Proctor Fire Department members…Thank you all.

Proctor Fire Hall
223 N. 5th Avenue
Proctor, MN 55810
(218) 624-3641

Fire Department Facebook

Fire Chief/President
Kerry Helquist

Assistant Chiefs
Jesse Annala
Kevin Fields
Kris Bryant

Andy Paszak
Jamie Pogatchnik
Derek Parendo

Andy Paszak

Lisa Vogel

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