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Boards & Commissions

Beautification & Trees
Tracy Habermann
Ed Habermann
Kathy Hannan

Cable TV Commission
Jake Benson (Chair)
Nancy Aldridge
Elmer Engman
Diane Martinek
Ted Kiefat

Economic Development Authority
* Meets 2nd Tuesday monthly 6 pm
Eric Madson  (Chair)
Carol Lind  (Treasurer)
Wayne Pulford
Jim Schwartzbauer
Troy Dewall
Jessica Rich

Golf Advisory Board
Roberta Thorsvik
Cindy Upton
Jesse Annala
Jay Boysen
Zach Taran
Barb Olson
Gordon Downs

Liquor Control Committee
Kent Gaidis (Chair)
Rory Johnson
Gary Nowak
Dick Kari, Advisory Member
Andrew Brunner, Advisory Member

Parks & Recreation Committee
Jesse Annala (Chair)
Gary Nowak
Rory Johnson
Rick LaLonde
Jennifer McDonald
Anthony Wood

Planning & Zoning Commission
* Meets 4th Monday monthly 5 pm
Thomas Aldridge (Chair)
Lowell Harnell  (Vice Chair)
Jay Boysen
Bob Lambert
Jim Tuomi
Troy Dewall
Jessica Rich

Planning and Zoning Board of Appeals
Bob Lambert
Jim Tuomi
Lowell Harnell

Police Civil Service Commission
Diane Giuliani  (Chair)
Steve Elder  (Secretary)
Lori Anderson

Public Charitable Trust Fund Board
Chad Ward
Jessica Rich
Jake Benson
Tara Bryant

Public Safety Committee
Kent Gaidis  (Chair)
Rick LaLonde  (Vice Chair)
Troy DeWall
Chad Ward
Dick Kari
Kerry Helquist

Public Utility Commission
* Meets 2nd Monday monthly 6 pm
Carol Lind
Phil Larson
Jennifer Peterson

Street Committee
Rick Lalonde (Chair)
Jay Boysen
Jim Tuomi
Jess Annala
Jessica Rich
Gerry Jones

Tourism Committee:
* Meets 4th Tues Jan, Apr, July , Oct at AmericInn 3pm
Deanna Gregorich (Chair)
Ryan Jones
Mary Nikko
Lisa Johnson
Jake Benson
Mary Korich
Jan Resberg
Sally Hedtke

Proctor Public Utilities

Pay My Bill
Trac 7 City Meetings


The village of Proctorknott was incorporated in 1894. It took its name after J. Proctor Knott, a Congressman who delivered a satirical speech ridiculing…



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