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Proctor Community Center Room Rentals

Community Education Summer Office Hours

June:  Monday – Friday 8 am to Noon
July:   Office Closed

City of Proctor PACC Rental Rates

Chamber Room                                               $45 per hour

Conference Room                                           $30 per hour

All rentals must include a $100 damage deposit per room.

Kitchen Use (adding use of stove and oven) additional $50

Proctor Public Schools Rental Rates

PACC Multipurpose Room                            $25 per hour

PACC Library                                                $25 per hour

All rentals must include a $100 damage deposit per room.

The Proctor Area Community Center is a non-smoking building and there will be no liquor served in this establishment unless previously discussed with City Representatives and a Proctor Police Officer is present during the event.  Renters also agree to place all garbage in receptacles and recycle as needed.  Upon investigation of the PACC and a determination that no damage has been done to the PACC or it’s contents and that the PACC has been cleaned in accordance with this Agreement, the deposit will be returned to the Renter.  In the event that any damage has been done to the PACC or its contents, or it has not been cleaned, the deposit will be utilized to repair any damage and reimburse the City or School District for any additional amount necessary.

Contact Information:

Natascha Ellis, Coordinator of Community Education Registration and Proctor Area Community Center

218.628.6293     school days only           


Proctor Community Center Rental Rates:

  • City Chamber Room (occupancy 100)              $45 per hour
  • City Conference Room (occupancy 10)             $30 per hour
  • District Multipurpose Room (occupancy 15)  $25 per hour
  • District Library (occupancy 15)                          $25 per hour
  • Kitchen Use (use of stove and oven)                  $50 per hour

$100 damage deposit per room is required.

⇒ Set-up a day prior to an event is allowed with an additional paid rental day.

⇒ City of Proctor residents receive a $10/hour discount on rental rates for all spaces except the use of the kitchen

For the application and information go to 

Proctor Area Community Center Rental Application and Agreement

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