Q.    How do I contact the Police Department?
A.    Call 9-1-1 for crimes in progress, medical emergencies and non-emergencies. The office number is (218) 624-7788. The Proctor Police      Department business hours are 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday thru Friday. If you need to contact an officer after regular business hours or during the weekend you may leave a message on the answering machine.


Q.    I want to report an electrical outage. Who do I call?
A.    You can contact Proctor Utilities to report that the Lights are Out/Downed Wires at (218) 624-4055.


Q.    I smell gas. Who do I call?
A.    Call 9-1-1. The Police or Fire Department will respond.


Q.    My vehicle was towed. Where do I pick it up?
A.    If the Proctor Police Department impounded your vehicle, it was towed by:

         ► USA Towing                     Phone: (218) 624-3322

You can contact the department at (218) 624-7788 for requirements on releasing your vehicle.


Q.     I received a citation (ticket). Where do I pay it?
A.     Traffic and Criminal Citations.  Have your citation number available.

►To pay online: By MasterCard or Visa, access www.mncourts.gov

►To Pay by Phone: Using MasterCard or Visa, call MN Court Payment Center at 1-800-657-3611

►Additional questions can be answered by calling  at (218) 726-2460 regarding  fines or court dates.

►Administrative Ordinance Citations issued by the City can be paid at City Hall at 100 Pionk Drive, Proctor, MN. 55810


Q.     How do I obtain a copy of a police report?
A.     Request forms for obtaining a copy of a police report are available at the Proctor Police Department Monday thru Friday during normal business hours.  It may take up to 24-48 hours to process the requests. There are fees associated with the reports.


Q.     Are there winter parking regulations in Proctor?

A.     Yes, Under City Ordinance 802.05. Winter Parking Regulations.  During the period from the fifteenth (15th) day of November and the first (1st) day of April in each year, it shall be unlawful to park any vehicle upon the streets and the alleys of the City between the hours of 2:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m.  If the Chief of Police of the City shall determine that any vehicle parked contrary to the provisions of this section is hindering the removal of snow, the said Chief of Police is hereby empowered and directed to have such vehicle removed from the street or alley by removal, together with any fine and costs imposed upon him for the violation of this section.


Q.     Is there an ordinance that covers snow removal from sidewalks?

A.     Yes, The owner of any property in the City abutting a public sidewalk shall keep the sidewalk in repair and safe for pedestrians.  Repairs shall be made in accordance with standard specifications approved by the Council and filed with the City Clerk.  Before commencing such repair work, the property owner shall obtain a permit from the City Clerk.  No fee shall be charged for such permit.

In addition, all snow, ice, dirt, and rubbish remaining on a public sidewalk more than 12 hours after its deposit thereon is a public nuisance.  The owner and the occupant of any property adjacent to a public sidewalk shall use due diligence to keep such walk safe for pedestrians.  No such owner or occupant shall allow snow, ice, dirt, or rubbish to remain on the walk longer than 12 hours after its deposit thereon.  Violation of this subdivision relative to snow, ice, dirt, and rubbish removal shall constitute a petty misdemeanor punishable for a fine of not more than $100.00 or the cost of clean-up, whichever is the lesser.


Q.     Is it necessary to have a permit to sell door to door in Proctor?
A.     Yes, Ordinance 606 says in part that all peddlers, vendors and solicitors are required to have a permit issued by the City. Religious, charitable, patriotic or philanthropic organizations shall be exempt from payment of the fee, on verification of their tax-exempt status.



Q.     Help! I've lost my pet. Is there anyone I can call?
A.     Listed below is the pertinent information about finding your lost pet:

► If you've lost your pet, call the police department at (218) 624-7788.

► If they've brought in your pet, they can tell you how to recover it, otherwise they will take your name, phone number, and a description of the pet.

►Once an animal is turned in, if it is licensed, the police department will attempt to contact the registered owner at the phone number given at the time thelicense was issued. If the police are unable to contact the owner, the animal willbe impounded.

►Impounded animals are brought to Animal Allies located at 4006 Airport Road, Duluth MN 55811. You can call them directly at (218) 722-5341 to see if your pet is there. They are open Tuesdays through Sundays from noon to 6 p.m.


Q.     Do I need a license for my Dog or Cat?

A.    Yes, person shall own, harbor or have custody of any dog or cat over the age of six months without obtaining a license for such dog or cat.  A license may be purchased at the Proctor Police Department during normal business hours. The annual fee for a dog or cat license shall be $2.00 for a neutered male or spayed female;$10.00 for an unneutered male or unspayed female.  Each license shall expire on January 1 of each year.  The fee shall not be prorated for a partial year.  A late fee of $3.00 shall be charged for each application for a new license received more than 30 days after the dog or cat is obtained by the owner or reaches six months of age; and for each renewal application received after January 30 of each year.


Q.     Does Proctor have a leash law for animals?
A.     Yes. Ordinance 501 Subd. 6 states in part: On a leash not exceeding six feet in length and accompanied by and under the control of its owner or other responsible person.



Q.     Is it legal to hunt in Proctor?
A.     ►No FIREARMS hunting within the City of Proctor which includes rifle, shotgun, pistol, air rifle or BB gun.  

►Bow Hunting for DEER ONLY is allowed in designated areas within the City Limits of proctor by permit only.  Contact the Police Deaprtment for more information.  



Q.     What is the curfew for juveniles in Proctor?
A.     Under City Ordinance 503.01. No person under the age of 17 years except as provided in subd. 2 shall be on any public street, alley, in any park or in other public grounds or building, place of amusement, entertainment, or refreshment, vacant lot, or any other unsupervised place between the hours of 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. of the following day.

Subd. 2.  Exceptions.  The restrictions of subd. 1 do not apply when the minor:

(1)       Is accompanied by his parents, guardian, or other person having the minor's lawful care, custody, and control; or

(2)       Is returning home by a direct route from and within 30 minutes after a school activity or an activity of a religious or other voluntary association when prior notice of the activity and its place and probable time of termination has been given to the police department by an adult person authorized by the school or the religious or voluntary association to do so; or

(3)       Is carrying a certified card of employment and is on his way to or from his place of employment; or

(4)       Is upon an emergency errand or other legitimate business directed by the minor's parent, guardian, or other adult having lawful custody of the minor.

503.02.  Parental Responsibility.  No parent, guardian, or other adult having custody and control of a minor under 17 years of age shall knowingly permit the minor to violate the provisions of '503.01.

503.03.  Penalties.  Any person under the age of 17 on a street or other place in violation of 503.01 shall be ordered to go home immediately.  After investigation, if responsible City authorities determine that court action should be initiated, the minor shall be dealt with in accordance with juvenile court law and procedure.  Any such minor who is convicted of a violation of this Ordinance after the case has been referred for prosecution in the trial court under M.S. 260.15 and any person who is convicted of a violation of any provision of PROCTOR CITY CODE 504.01-504.03

503.02 is guilty of a petty misdemeanor and shall be punished by a fine not to exceed $100.00.


General Information

Q.     What is the mailing address and phone number of the Proctor Police Department?
A.     Proctor Police Department
        100 Pionk Drive
         Proctor, MN55810

Emergency Phone Number 9-1-1
For non-emergencies call 9-1-1 and explain to the operator that you're calling for a non-emergency

Administrative Phone Number (218) 624-7788

Q.    What is the name of the Chief of Police?
A.     Kent Gaidis