Residents and visitors to the Proctor area are protected by the City's Police Department 24 hours a day/365 days a year.

The Proctor Police Department proudly serves a community with over 3000 residents just south west of Duluth.  Presently our agency consists of 7 full-time officers and two civilian clerical workers.  As our community continues to expand, we continue to update our department with personnel and resources as needed to ensure the same high commitment to public safety.

Proctor Police Department

(218) 624-7788




Chief: Kent Gaidis

E-Mail: Kgaidis@Proctorpd.org  
Serving Proctor Since: 1996
Badge Number: 105


Sergeant: Timothy Redfield
E-Mail:  Tredfield@Proctorpd.org
Serving Since: 2009
Badge: 112


Officer:  Douglas Bolander
E-Mail:  Dbolander@Proctorpd.org
Serving Since: 1998
Badge: 110

Officer: Daniel Mosher
E-Mail: Dmosher@proctorpd.org
Serving Since: 2001
Badge: 106

Officer: Andrew Leibel
E-Mail: aleibel@proctorpd.org
Serving Since: 2016
Badge: 115

Officer: Tom Wick
E-Mail: twick@proctorpd.org
Serving Since: 2016
Badge: 116


Officer: Matthew Riebel
E-Mail: mriebel@proctorpd.org
Serving Since: 2018
Badge: 118



Linnea Wiita, Police Records Manager

Email:  lwiita@proctorpd.org.


Stacy Libby, Police Records Technician

Email:  slibby@proctorpd.org





NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that, according to Proctor City Ordinance 802.8, no vehicles shall be parked on the streets and alleys (this includes the right-of-ways which are 66 feet for streets and 16 feet for alleys) in Proctor from 2 am to 7 am from NOVEMBER 15TH to APRIL 1ST.

Cars parked overnight during snow removal operations may be towed away, and owners of such vehicles shall be guilty of a petty misdemeanor and upon conviction thereof shall be punished by a fine not to exceed $200.  Owners of such vehicles will also be liable for payment of towing charges.

The cooperation of all residents is requested in keeping vehicles off streets at these times so City snow removal work will not be obstructed.

Proctor Police Department