Duties include:

Snow Plowing and Hauling
Road Salt and Sand Application
Street, Alley and Sidewalk Maintenance
Sanitary Sewers
Storm Sewers, Ditches and Culverts
Parks, Trails and Trees
Roadside Mowing
Street Sweeping
Traffic Signage
Assist Other Departments As Needed
General Maintenance of City Buildings
Fleet Maintenance


The City of Proctor has a WINTER PARKING ORDINANCE that prohibits parking on all avenues, streets and alleys throughout the city from November 15 of each year through April  1 of the following year between the hours of 2:00 am and 7:00 am.   This is to expedite snow removal.  (Proctor Ordinance 802.08, Winter Parking)  Violators will be ticketed and may be towed.

(The City of Proctor does NOT have calendar parking.)

The City also has a 24 Hour Parking Ordinance which requires vehicles parked on City roadways to be moved at least once every 24 hours. (Proctor Ordinance 802.05, 24 hour parking.

A complete list of City of Proctor parking ordinances can be found on the City Website (see Government/City Code/ Ordinance 802.)