• Appendix A, Disposition Table
  • Appendix B, Change of City Name
  • Appendix G, Cable Television
  • Appendix H, Floodplain Ordinance
  • Appendix J, Proctor Police & Civil Service Commission Rules & Regulations
  • Appendix K, Proctor Police Department Rules, Regulations & Operating Procedures
  • Appendix L, Floodplain Ordinance 1991
  • Appendix N, Proctor Public Utilities Commission Rules Of Safety & Policy
  • Appendix Q, Schedule of Fees
  • Appendix P, City General Work Rules
  • Appendix R, Data Privacy Policies & Procedures
  • Appendix S, Required Votes - City Commissions & Committees
  • Absenteeism/Sick Leave Policy
  • AWAIR Program (A Workplace Accident & Injury Reduction Program)
  • Business Subsidy Criteria
  • Conceal & Carry Law
  • Data Practices Procedures
  • Development & Maintenance Of A Fixed Asset Inventory & Management System
  • Electronic Communication Policy
  • Excess Funds Investment Policy
  • Family & Medical Leave Act
  • JOBZ Policy
  • Moratorium On Billboards
  • Purchasing Procedures Policy
  • Right To Know Policy


Proctor City Code is updated, when necessary, which results in lag time between the time the ordinance is updated and posted on the web site.  Therefore, the following code sections may have been changed since publication.  Please contact Proctor City Hall at (218) 624-3641 if you have any questions.


City Code (.pdf)